Standard of dress and general appearance will, at all times, determine the privileges of all Members and their guests to use the facilities of the Clubhouse and Course and shall be consistent with the dignity of the Club. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure they and their visitors comply with these regulations.

Men’s Dress Regulations

  • Trousers and shorts must be tailored.
  • The following are not permitted: jeans, jean-style pants, pants with studs, cargo pants, cord or elastic top pants.
  • Tailored shorts should be approximately knee length. The following are not permitted: three quarter length shorts, cargo shorts, army style shorts with large side pockets and cord or elastic top shorts.
  • Shirts must have collars, sleeves, be clean and tucked in at all times. Skivvies with rolled collars are acceptable.
  • If long socks are worn they must be kept up at all times.
  • Acceptable short socks will be plain white or plain white with a Golf Club logo and at least quarter length.
  • Shirts, trousers, pullovers, jackets and hats must not display any advertising that is not directly related to sponsorship of golf.
  • Clothing manufacturers’ logo excepted.
  • Recognized Tennis attire must be worn. Shirts must have collars.

On the Course and Practice Areas:

Golf shoes are essential for play. Soft spikes are mandatory. Walking and/or running shoes are only permitted for caddies, spectators and children.

Dining Room:

Jacket and tie is preferred but smart casual wear is acceptable during daylight saving. (Special function notices will prescribe appropriate attire).

Member’s Bar:

Socks must be worn with shoes. Clean golf shoes with soft spikes are acceptable.

Jogging shoes are NOT acceptable.

Ladies’ Dress Regulations:


  • Skirts and divided skirts
  • Bermuda style shorts and tailored pants of any length.


  • The following golf attire is not acceptable either on the Course or in the Clubhouse:
  • Mini Skirts and short shorts
  • Singlet tops and shirts without collars
  • Denim, irrespective of colour, any jean-style or studded pants.
  • Stirrup pants, leggings, cargo-style pants, pedal pushers or tracksuits
  • Tops must be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn over the waist.
  • Caps not acceptable in the Clubhouse.